English Conversation Important Examples

English Conversation Important Examples

English Conversation Important Examples

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A Dialogue between Two Friends about Preparation for the Examination

Myself: Hello friend, how do you do?

Friend: I am fine, thank you. Why are you looking so sad?

Myself: Actually, I am worried about my final examination. What

about your preparation for the examination?

Friend: Well, I’m going on well with my studies. I am also worried

about my exam.

Myself: But tell me about your preparation in different subjects.

Friend: You know I’m weak in English. That’s why I’m taking

special care of my English. I’m also doing detailed revisions for other


Myself: Are you taking help from any special books?

Friend: Yes, but I study textbooks very carefully.

Myself: I see. I must start working with the textbooks. What do

you think?

Friend: Yes. I think it’ll be very helpful not only for English but also

for other subjects.

Myself: Thank you for your supportive suggestion. I wish you good


Friend: You are most welcome


A dialogue between two friends on the choice of career

Suyog: Hello Jamia, how are you?

Jamia: Fine, thank you. And how about you?

Suyog: I’m also fine, Jamia. We are in an intermediate class. So, we

must choose our career now.

Jamia: You are quite right. Success in life depends on the right choices

of career.

Suyog: We must choose our career properly. May I know your choice of


Jamia: Yes, of course. I have decided to become a doctor. Do you like

this profession?

Suyog: Yes, I do. It is a good profession. Could you tell me why you have

chosen this profession?

Jamia: Most of our people are deprived of the doctors’ service.

Suyog: Yes, there is a shortage of good doctors in our country. The

people who live in the villages cannot consult a good doctor.

Jamia: I want to serve the people.

Suyog: Are you willing to go to the villages if necessary?

Jamia: Yes, of course. Through this profession, I will be able to earn

money honestly. Well, could you tell me about your choice of career?

Suyog: Of course. I want to be an agriculture officer.

Jamia: Most students like to be doctors, Engineers, or administrators. Why

not you?

Suyog: Our country is an agricultural country. Our economy depends on


Jamia: Yes, it is correct. Please tell me about your plan.

Suyog: I will get myself admitted into an Agricultural University. After

completing my education, I will join the service of the agriculture cadre. I

will make research on agriculture.

Jamia: It’s a noble profession too.

Suyog: I’ll teach the farmers about the modern method of cultivation.

Jamia: I appreciate your plan.

Suyog: Choosing a career is not enough. We must work hard to fulfill our


Jamia: Of course. We must do well in the H.S.C Examination, otherwise

we will not be able to become a doctor or agriculture officers.

Suyog: Of course. Thank you, Jamia. It was really nice speaking to you.

Jamia: You’re welcome. Goodbye. See you again.

Suyog: Bye.


English Conversation Important Examples


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