Day 15 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Paragraph Writing

Day 15 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Paragraph Writing


Day: 15 Sub: English Std.: 9th


15. Paragraph Writing

Day 15 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Paragraph Writing

Learning Outcomes:

_ Writes a coherent and meaningful paragraph through the process of

drafting, revising, editing and finalizing.

_ Attempts using different styles of writing and different literary devices in creative writing.

Learning Activity/Experience:

Write a paragraph.

 Teacher writes the following questions on the board and asks student to answer them.

1) Do you like to exercise daily or do yoga?

2) Why do we need exercise?

3) What are the disadvantages of missing exercise/yoga?

4) Do you believe in fitness?

5) Why one should be fit?

6) What is the theme of all the above questions?

7) Give a suitable title to it.

 Write all the answers in one paragraph and add your own points.

Solved/Demo Activity:


Healthy mind resides in healthy body. In this modern and advanced era, it is very essential to be fit physically and mentally. The use of social media or electronic devices is a part and parcel of our daily life. Number of advantages is less as compared to the number of disadvantages. It is also important psychologically. An advanced lifestyle can cause ill health. Daily exercising or doing yoga keeps us healthy and fit. Today’s investment of time in exercise/yoga can give us long-term benefits. Some of the Yoga activities not only strengthen us physically but psychologically also. It is helpful to

improve our concentration and immunity. Pranayama makes our memory strong. Initially, we need to be trained under an expert. Along with exercise and yoga maximum intake of a nutritious diet and minimum consumption of junk food is necessary.


 Read the following questions and write answers in a single paragraph. Suggest a suitable title for the paragraph.

1) Do you like to listen to music/songs?

2) What type of songs do you listen/sing?

3) Who is your favourite singer?

4) Why do you listen/sing a song?

5) When do you listen/sing music?

6) Do you practice/rehearse singing under the guidance of a guru/teacher?

7) What is the difference between folk music and classical music?


Musical Tastes and Practices

Music is something I really enjoy. I like different types of songs, such as pop, rock, classical, and jazz. It’s hard to pick just one favourite singer because there are so many great ones out there with unique styles. I listen to music when I want to relax, lift my spirits, or express emotions. I usually listen to music during my free time, while traveling, or while working on tasks. Although I sing along with songs for fun, I haven’t had formal training from a teacher. Folk music comes from specific cultures and is passed down through generations, while classical music follows a more structured and standardized approach with compositions from famous composers.

Extension/Parallel Activity/Reinforcement:

 Read the following questions and write answers in a single paragraph. Suggest a suitable title for the paragraph.

1) Do you like animals?

2) Which animals do you like? wild/tame/domestic?

3) Where do you find different types of animals?

4) Does animal speak?

5) How do you understand that they are not feeling well?

6) Who gives treatment/medicine to sick animals and birds?


Showing Love for Animals

Yes, I like animals because they are wonderful and unique creatures. I enjoy both wild and tame animals, as well as pets we keep at home. Animals can be found in different places like forests, oceans, and even cities. They don’t speak like us, but they communicate in their own ways using sounds and body language. When animals are not feeling well, they may show changes in their behavior, like not eating much, looking tired, or making distressed noises. When they get sick, veterinarians take care of them, and for wild animals, there are special people called wildlife rehabilitators who help them until they can return to their homes in nature.

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