Day 13 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Express Thoughts and Ideas

Day 13 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Express Thoughts and Ideas
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Day 13 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Express Thoughts and Ideas


Day: 13 Sub: English Std.: 9th


13. Express Thoughts and Ideas


Learning Outcome:

Express one’s own thoughts and ideas coherently and effectively.

Learning Activity/ Experience:

 The teacher shows the picture of an elephant in the classroom.

 Teacher writes the following activity along with adjectives on

the board.

Describe the picture with the help of the following adjectives in 10/12 sentences.

big animal, gray color, very strong, long and white tusks, long trunk, big ears, small eyes, beautiful, etc.

Solved/Demo Activity:

An Elephant

This is a picture of an animal. It is an elephant. It has long white tusks and a huge trunk. It is a wild as well as a pet animal. It is a very beautiful and attractive animal. It is a gray-coloured animal. Though it has big ears, its eyes are very small. It is a very powerful and strong animal. Thus, I like this animal very much.


 Teacher adds his/her own sentences.

 The teacher shows another picture and asks student to observe and describe it in ten/twelve sentences by using following points.

Huge shady tree, many branches, sweet mangoes, trunk and green branches, evergreen

tree, flourished, beautiful, strong, gives oxygen, purifies air etc.

Ans: Mango Tree

The mango tree is a large, shady tree with many branches and sweet mangoes. It has a strong trunk and green leaves all year round. It’s a beautiful and sturdy tree that gives us oxygen and cleans the air. The mango tree thrives in warm climates and is always full of life. It provides us with delicious fruits and is important for the environment. People love and respect this tree because it symbolizes abundance and prosperity. Overall, the mango tree is a wonderful and valuable part of nature.

Extension/Parallel Activity/Reinforcement:

 Teacher gives following picture or any other picture from the newspaper/books.

 Asks student to describe the following picture with the help of the given words/


(Many shops, vegetables, buyers, sellers, noise, crowded market, Hustle-bustle, hawkers, fruits etc.)

Ans: Market Place

In the lively market, there are numerous shops filled with a colorful variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. People are bustling around, making noise as they engage in buying and selling. The market is crowded with buyers and sellers interacting with enthusiasm. Hawkers can be seen showcasing their products, trying to catch the attention of potential customers.

The atmosphere is vibrant and full of energy, with everyone busy in their activities. The market offers a diverse range of flavors and products, reflecting the diverse community it serves. It’s a bustling hub where people come together to trade, socialize, and enjoy the sensory delights of the vibrant marketplace.

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