Day 12 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Qualities of the Best Friend

Day 12 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Qualities of the Best Friend
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Day 12 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Qualities of the Best Friend


Day: 12 Sub: English Std.: 9th


12. Qualities of the Best Friend


Learning Outcomes:

_ Writes a coherent and meaningful paragraph through the process of drafting, revising, editing and finalizing.

_ Attempt using different styles of writing and different literary devices in creative writing.

Learning Activity/Experience:

 Teacher writes the stages on the board.

 Teacher asks some questions to know the good qualities of a person you like and writes significant points on the board associated with single theme.

1) Why do you like your friend?

2) What qualities do you find in your friend’s personality?

3) What according to you, are the qualities of a good friend?

Solved/Demo Activity:

 Teacher writes the following points on the board and helps the student to make the meaningful extract based on the given theme with the help of given points.

I) Observe the following stages and a process wheel of writing an essay.

Stage 1: Plan the theme and format of what you want to write.

Stage 2: Write down thoughts or ideas about it.

Stage 3: Edit the draft, add some ideas or remove some words or sentences.

Stage 4: Prepare the final version of your writing.

(Teacher draws the diagram on the board.)

(Teacher helps to construct a sentence using the points given in brackets.)

II) Let’s find the good qualities of our best friend.

(e.g. honest, smart, kind, loving, hardworking, polite, helpful, arrogant, happy, tall, short, punctual, active, talkative, etc.)

Student learns how to develop a paragraph with the help of given points.

(You may use the following conjunctions to connect the sentences.)

e.g. and, however, as well as, though, thus, but, then, according to me, as, so, yet, still etc.

My best friend

Manthan/Smita is my best friend. He/she is talkative but very clever. He/she is very punctual about the homework. He/she is polite and helpful. He/she is hardworking as well as helpful to others. Though, he/she is active but arrogant sometimes. Yet, he/she helps me in my need. According to me, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Friend plays an important role in everybody’s life. Man is known not by his name but by his company. The friend who always flatters is not a friend at all but a foe. Hence, one should identify the true friend. A true friend denotes the vices/wrong doings a friend. A true friend plays the role of a rose as well as thorn. In some situations. He /she is a path finder too. He/she is always ready to provide helping hand.

In this way, I love my friend as he/she is very kind as well as honest. Thus, everyone should have a friend.


 Teacher asks student to write two paragraphs from the table.

 Work in pairs. Write two paragraphs with the help of given table.







264 km



400 km

Hot and semi-arid






religious city


All seasonal

Educational city

Mula and Mutha


Short Information of Nashik and Pune

Nashik and Pune are two cities in Maharashtra, India, with some differences. Nashik is smaller, covering an area of 264 kilometers, while Pune is larger, spanning 400 kilometers. The climate in Nashik is humid, while Pune experiences a hot and semi-arid climate. Both cities primarily speak Marathi.

Nashik is known for its fruit production, especially grapes, and is considered a religious city due to the presence of the Godavari River. Pune, on the other hand, is recognized as an educational city and has two rivers called Mula and Mutha.

To sum up, Nashik and Pune have their own unique characteristics. Nashik focuses on fruit farming and religion, with the Godavari River being significant. Pune is known for education and has two rivers, Mula and Mutha.

Extension/Parallel Activity/Reinforcement:

1) Write two paragraphs on ‘My School.’

You can use the following points:

Name, location, number of students, number of teachers, library, laboratory, playground, classrooms, other facilities, etc.


‘My School’

I go to a school called Vidydeep Vidyalaya, which is located in the city of Mumbai. It’s a well-known school that focuses on helping students do well in their studies and become well-rounded individuals. There are a lot of students at Vidydeep Vidyalaya, around 1,500 in total, and we have 40 teachers who work hard to teach us.

One great thing about our school is the library. It has lots of books for us to read and learn from. We also have cool science labs where we can do experiments and learn about science in a hands-on way. And, of course, we have a big playground where we can play sports and have fun outside. Our classrooms are nice too, with all the things we need for learning. Besides these, we also have other activities, a cafeteria for lunch, and plenty of parking space for students and staff. Our school tries to make sure we have everything we need to succeed.

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