Day 12 Std.10th Bridge Course 2023-24 Express feelings emotions thoughts and ideas

Day 12 Std.10th Bridge Course 2023-24 Express feelings emotions thoughts and ideas
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Day 12 Std.10th Bridge Course 2023-24 Express feelings emotions thoughts and ideas


Day: 12 Sub: English Std.: 10th


12. Express feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas


Learning Outcomes:

_ Express one’s own thoughts and ideas coherently and effectively.

_ Express one’s own thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas coherently and effectively using appropriate language.

Learning Activity/Experience:

 Teacher forms 4 groups of all students.

 Teacher distributes a picture card to each group.

 Teacher asks student to observe the given picture card.

Picture Observation

Observe the picture and write down the various feelings and emotions of different people. Also, use your ideas to express your feelings.

Solved/Demo Activity:

 Teacher appoints a group leader for each group.

 Teacher asks other student to discuss feelings and emotions with their group leader about the picture.

 Teacher asks student to share their thoughts and ideas with other groups.

 Student shares their own thoughts and ideas with another group.

Expressing thoughts…

In this picture, I see many people doing various activities. Some children are playing in the garden. They are very happy. A dog is chasing a boy. He is a very scared one. Some are screaming in anger. Some are joyous and some are frightened. Little ones are enjoying it. They love the games.

(Every learner’s feelings will vary.)


 Observe the picture and find out various emotions from the picture. Also, express your views and ideas regarding the picture.


Classroom Activities

It is a classroom picture. Here students are doing different activities. Some of students are gossiping with one another where as some of them are reading their text books. Two students are solving sum on the black board. It seems that a couple of teachers are discussing at the classroom entrance. Some of students are just listening other talk and they are in easy mood. Most of the students are in happy mood due to the without teacher.

Extension/Parallel Activity/Reinforcement:

Write a passage or a short story using different emotions, thoughts, and ideas on your own.

Ans: “Rosie and the Lost Butterfly”

Once in a cozy village, there was a kind rabbit named Rosie. She met a lost butterfly named Bella, with colorful wings. Rosie promised to help Bella find her way home.

They journeyed together, facing challenges, and making new friends like Sammy the squirrel, Benny the bluebird, and Oliver the wise owl. Finally, they found Bella’s home, and she was grateful.

Rosie and her friends formed “The Adventurers” and helped others, making the village a loving and exciting place.

And so, Rosie, Bella, and their friends lived happily ever after.

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