Day 10 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Write an Essay

Day 10 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Write an Essay

Day 10 Std.9th Bridge Course 2023-24 Write an Essay


Day: 10 Sub: English Std.: 9th


10. Write an Essay

Learning Outcomes:

_Writes a coherent and meaningful paragraph through the process of drafting, revising, editing and finalizing.

_Writes an essay.

_ Frames e-mail, messages, notice, formal letters, descriptions/ narratives, personal diary, report, short personal/ biographical experiences etc.

Learning Activity/Experience:

 Teacher narrates the significance of writing with the given points.

 Teacher writes the name of an essay with sub-questions on the board.

Solved/Demo Activity:

 Write an Essay on ‘My Favourite Game’ with the help of given points. (Teacher helps them to write properly and coherently.)

 Which game do you like?

 Who is your favourite player?

 Why is he/she your favourite player?

 Which games are mostly played in your school?

 Do you participate in sports competitions in your school?

How are sports important or helpful in the life of a human being?

My Favourite Game

I play badminton as it is my favourite game. I like many badminton players but my favourite player is Sayana Nehwal. She possesses a winning-spirit all the time. My school organises many national and international games in order to strengthen sports outlook. Many games are played in my school such as Kho-kho, cricket, kabaddi, volleyball, football, carrom, chess including badminton. I participate in sports competitions at various levels in and outside the school. Sports are extremely important and helpful in the life of human beings. Sports strengthen our body muscles. Indeed, it develops the qualities of sportsmanship. These qualities are extremely useful in our whole life.

Write an essay on the topic ”My Favourite Cinema”.

(Teacher provides some points.)

e. g.

   Name/title

   Characters

   The things you like about

   The things you don’t like about

   What do you think about its songs?

My Favourite Cinema

My favourite cinema is ‘Tare Jami Par’. It is an emotional movie. The main character in the cinema is Ishan. He is a child who can’t learn lessons in school. He can’t write the English alphabet correctly. But I liked the teacher in the cinema. The teacher facilitates Ishan. Ishan’s hobby of painting is admired by the teacher. Teacher removes Ishan’s inferiority complex. I feel very sad when Ishan was parted from his own family. I felt very glad when Ishan received first award in drawing competition. I wish every student should get the teacher like Amir Khan. I learnt from this cinema that ”Nothing is impossible in the world.”


Work Individually: Write an essay on ‘My Favourite Festival’ with the help of the following points.

 My favourite festival is…….

 Why do you like it most?

 What do you enjoy at the festival?

 Is there any history/background behind the festival?

 What is the most interesting thing about the festival?

 How do you celebrate it?

 Are there any special memories?

 Students will get ample opportunities to write essays.


‘My Favourite Festival Diwali’

“Diwali” is a Hindu festival celebrated all over the world. It falls on the “new moon day” of Kartikeya month. It is believed that Lord Rama returned from exile along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana after defeating Ravana. The people of his kingdom celebrated his victory and homecoming with mirth and merriment. It signifies the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and wit over ignorance.

Diwali preparations often start a month before the festival. People clean and decorate their houses. Schools and colleges usually close for the five-day festival. People wear new clothes and perform various rituals. Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, is worshipped on this day. Diwali is a time to meet relatives and friends, distribute sweets, and share food. People also celebrate by burning crackers to celebrate Lord Rama’s return and welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

Extension/Parallel Activity/Reinforcement:

1) Write a short description/essay on ‘My Memorable Moment’.

2) Write an essay on, ‘Green India, Clean India’.

3) Write an essay on ‘If I were the Prime Minister of India’.

1. ‘My Memorable Moment: My Birthday Party

The birthday at my school was memorable but the birthday party at my home made the day even more memorable. Also, my mother invited all my friends from school and the colony to the party.

I received so many presents and we played a lot of games. We played games like musical chairs, tag, egg-and-spoon races, and more. There were so many songs playing so everyone did a special dance too.

The highlight of my birthday party was definitely my huge birthday cake. As I love superheroes, my mother got the cake customized with the superhero theme. It was very tasty too and in my favourite flavour.

I spent a lot of time with my family and friends that day. Everyone liked the return gifts as well and went home with a big smile on their faces.

2. Essay On Clean India Green India

Clean India and Green India is national programs aimed at improving the country. In 2014, a campaign called “Clean India” was started—Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan or the Clean India Movement were the other names for this campaign. The programme was launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi by cleaning the streets. With numerous people taking part, this campaign was the biggest one ever. Garbage poses a serious danger to a country’s growth and it is also a major threat to success in the modern economy. Industrialization and commercialization have only served to aggravate this issue. Therefore, as responsible citizens of this country, it is our responsibility and duty to do everything to keep our environment clean and green.

3. If I were the Prime Minister of India:

India is a country where the government is chosen by the people. The Prime Minister and ministers are selected from among these representatives. Anyone who meets certain basic qualifications can become a Prime Minister.

If I become the Prime Minister, I will do things differently. As a servant of the people, I will be selfless, devoted, and ready to make sacrifices for their welfare.

Firstly, I will set a moral example by donating all my property to the nation and living a simple life. I will discourage corruption among politicians and officials.

Secondly, I will take measures to eliminate poverty. I will educate people about population growth and promote both large-scale and small-scale industries. Industrialization will be a priority, but I will also focus on mechanized agriculture and agro-based industries to make farming more appealing. I will ensure fair profits for factory owners.

Thirdly, I will prioritize education. I will make education compulsory and free up to higher secondary levels. The education system will be redesigned to be more job-oriented.

Fourthly, I will focus on healthcare. I will establish hospitals and dispensaries across the country, including in rural areas. I will give equal importance to allopathic, homeopathic, and Ayurvedic medicines.

Fifthly, I will work towards unity and national integration. Through these programs, I aim to satisfy the majority of people and make India truly secular, with no discrimination or special favors. I will strive for equality, liberty, and fraternity in society.

Lastly, I will make India a strong nation and pay particular attention to defence. We will manufacture advanced weapons and seek friendly relations with neighbouring countries. However, we will be prepared to protect our homeland from any threat.


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