Day 02 Bridge course 2023-24 Std.10th 2. Let’s summarize

Day 02 Bridge course 2023-24 Std.10th 2. Let’s summarize

Bridge Course 2023-24

Day 02 Bridge course 2023-24 Std.10th 2. Let’s summarize


Day: 02 Sub: English Std.: 10th


2. Let’s summarize…

Learning Outcome:

Summarize a story, conversation, play, informative speech or debate.

Learning Activity/Experience:

 Teacher forms the group of students and distributes the papers of

speech in groups.

 Teacher asks the student to read the given speech carefully and

summarize it.

Read the given speech and summarize it.

Importance of Education in our Life

Honourable chief guest, headmaster of our school, and my dear friends. Today I am going to speak on the ‘Importance of education in our life’.

Education is one of the most important and mandatory elements in our life. It helps the students to do analysis while making important decisions in life. Education is essential for a student because after being educated enough, a student will be able to

select a good career option for them. So that they can succeed in life with the help of education. A good career provides students financial freedom and support along with mental satisfaction. The Education of the students helps them in improving their communication skills. For instance, their speech, body language and many other elements present in the communication system. Education helps students in using technology in a better way in

this era of rapid technological development and transformation. Education provides a vision and mission for life.

As we all know that education is the key element of everyone’s life today. Education has the value that helps in making people valuable and full of knowledge. Education is necessary for the growth of life for everyone. It has the same value for everyone equally.

Everyone has the right to learn. Without education, life can become so difficult, and hard

to survive. Thus, education plays a vital role in our life.

Thank you.


Education is very important to make decisions in life. It is essential to select a good career and to get financial support along with mental satisfaction. Education helps students to improve their communication skills. It makes people valuable and full of knowledge. Without education life becomes so difficult and hard to survive.

Solved/Demo Activity:

Importance of sports

Honourable chief guest, headmaster of our school, and my dear friends. Today I am going to speak on the importance of sports.

If you observe some people, then you will notice that human life is a series of tension and problems. Also, they have a variety of concerns relating to their life. But sport is something that makes us free from these troubles, concerns, and tensions. Moreover, they are an essential part of life who believe in life are able to face the problems. They help in the proper operation of various organs of the body. Furthermore, they refresh our mind and the body feels re-energized.

It also makes muscles strong and keeps them in good shape. In schools and colleges, they consider sports as an important part of education. Also, they organize sports competitions of different kinds. In schools, they organize annual sports events. And on

a daily basis, they have a specific period for sports and games. In this period teachers teach them the ways to play different sports and games. These sports and games teach students new things and they have a bond with them. In addition, sports help them develop

self-confidence and courage. Also, they become active and swift. And success fills them with motivation and eagerness. In this way games are very important in our life.

Thank you.


Sports are very important in our life. It makes us healthy and fit. It keeps away from any diseases and ailments. We can also choose sports as our career. It makes us tension free. It helps to develop our confidence. It makes our muscles strong. Sports make our life happy.


Read the speeches on given topics and summarize it.

  1. My favourite sports person

My Favourite Sports person

Honourable president, chief principal, my beloved teachers and my friends, today I would like to express myself on my favourite sports person. As we know there are many players playing different games and sports but I am a fan of Sachin Tendulkar. He is the best player in the field guest my of Cricket.

He started to play on international level from the age of sixteen. He is an all-rounder player. He is the best batsman, best bowler and best wicket keeper. He is a man of records. He set many records in the field of Cricket. As a batsman he set the record of highest centuries. He made a century of centuries because of his batting ethos. He is known as a Master-blaster. His performance is well. He is the only cricketer praised by all commentators and critics. Whatever he did was a record. He played 200 test-matches, he played for 24 years. He is a considered as a ‘God of Cricket’. Foreign Cricketers als0 respect him in well manner. The Government of India had bestowed on him different awards. He received ‘Arjun award’ prestigious sports award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, Padmashree Award and the highest civilian Award Bharat Ratna Sachin is a man of many sportive and amiable qualities. He has the qualities like endurance, determination, zestful excellence, respect for others, deep understanding, presence of mind, humility. I would like to bow before this God of Cricket.

Thank you.


The speech is about the speaker’s favorite sports person, Sachin Tendulkar. Tendulkar is a legendary cricketer known for his batting prowess and record-breaking achievements. He is respected by commentators, critics, and fellow players. Tendulkar has played 200 test matches over 24 years and holds the record for the highest number of centuries. He has received prestigious awards and is regarded as the “God of Cricket.” The speaker admires Tendulkar for his sportsmanship, endurance, determination, and humility.

2) Nature is best teacher

Extension/Parallel Activity/Reinforcement:

Collect three speeches from the internet and summarize it

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