Class 10th Bridge Course Post Test Paper 2022-23

Class 10th Bridge  Course Post Test Paper 2022-23

Class 10th Bridge Course Post Test Paper 2022-23

Q.1. Frame at least two ‘Wh Questions from the following sentences 5

  1. He carried a bundle of clothes on his head.
  2. Seth Govindram was the owner of the Bank.
  3. Mr. Bean escaped from the jail


1. What did he carry on his head?

2. Who was the owner of the bank?

3. Where did Mr. Bean escape from?

Q.2.A) Complete the dialogue by guessing the word.

A:- Do you like to play a guessing game ?


A:-I will tell you a sentence but it is incomplete. You are just going to guess the missing word.

B: Ok. I got it.

A : Barking dogs seldom …..

B: Bite

A: Empty vessel make much ………..

B : Noise

A : A stitch in time saves……….

B: Nine

Q.3 Read the poem and find out the answers. 5

Precious Time

The precious time is in my little hand,

Future is uncertain so i haven’t planned,

Bygone days are over and closed its door

Let’s live in present; there’s lot to explore.

Time is important and precious,

Wasting time is ridiculous,

Time and tide wait for none,

Wasting time is not cool or fun.

  1. The poet tells us the importance of………
  2. Find out at least 4 Adjectives from the poem.
  3. Write down the rhyming words from the poem.


  1. The poet tells us the importance of time.
  2. 4 adjectives are :

precious, important, ridiculous, uncertain.


i) door – explore,

ii) none – fun,

iii) precious – ridiculous

Q.4. Write a Speech on any one of the following. 5

1. Importance of Sports.

2. Save trees, Save Nature

Importance of sports

Honourable chief guest, headmaster of our school, and my dear friends; today I am going to speak on importance of sports.

If you observe some people, then you will notice that human life is a series of tension and problems. Also, they have a variety of concerns relating to their life. Sport is something that makes us free from these troubles, concerns, and tensions. Moreover, they are an essential part of life who believe in life are able to face the problems. They help in the proper operation of various organs of the body. Furthermore, they refresh our mind, and the body feels re-energized.

It also makes muscle strong and keep them in good shape. In schools and colleges, they consider sports as an important part of education. Also, they organize sports competitions of different kinds. In schools, they organize annual sports events. And on a daily basis, they have a specific period for sports and games. In this period teachers teach them the ways to play different sports and games. These sports and games teach students new things, and they have a bond with them. In addition, sports help them develop self-confidence and courage.

Also, they become active and swift. And success fills them with motivation and eagerness. In this way games are very importance on our life.

Thank you.

Q.5. Frame at least 8 questions to interview a Scientist. 5

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